E-liquid Summer Blaze

Main flavours:   Lemon Lemonade Lime Peach
€34.90 €39.80

It's gonna be a long, hot summer...! What better way to cool off that with a chilled glass of delicious lemonade infused with plump, ripe peaches and tangy lemon and lime? Get yourself some Summer Blaze 50ml- you're gonna need it

Save 4,90 € on the 100 ml

Save 15 € on the 200 ml

Nicotine :
Size :

E-liquid without nicotine

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For 50ml, please add the following nicotine boosters :

For 3mg, please add 1 nictoine booster (below)

For 6mg, please add 2 nictoine boosters (below)

Brand Remix Juice
Origin United Kingdom
Main flavours Lemon, Lemonade, Lime, Peach
PG / VG 50 / 50

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